HOT WHEELS® 40th Anniversary CUSTOM OTTO™



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When Hot Wheels® cars debuted 40 years ago, packaging artist Otto Kuhni created a car image that would become iconic... but the specific car that he created for the original packaging never existed!

Until now.

Tooled up and produced for the 40th anniversary of Hot Wheels® cars, the Custom Otto™ comes alive to fulfill the dreams of collectors everywhere! This Hot Wheels® 40th Anniversary Custom Otto™ will take you back to that innocent time when you first discovered this amazing new line of die-cast cars. Discover them all over again for the first time!

This edition faithfully represents the original rendering. Finished in Spectraflame® blue with no deco, featuring Neo-Classics™ Redline® wheels, here are the details for this very special release:

  • Opening hood
  • Spectraflame® blue finish
  • Neo-Classics™ Redline® wheels
  • Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis
  • Clear windshield
  • Black interior

Packed on a blister card reproduced from the original 1968 version, the Hot Wheels® 40th Anniversary Custom Otto™ ships in a 40th Anniversary black case. It is produced in limited numbers (quantities to be announced later).

Refunds only. No exchanges.

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