Hot Wheels® 2010 Ford Mustang



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If you're a Mustang lover (and really, who among us isn't?), you've been impatiently waiting for a preview of the 2010 Mustang. Ford finally revealed it at the 2008 L.A. Auto Show over Thanksgiving weekend, and even gave some lucky guests a Hot Wheels® 2010 Ford Mustang. If you weren't among the fortunate few, don't worry -- we've got a limited quantity available for sale right here on Don't wait, though… one look at this muscle-bound pony and you know it's gonna ride like the wind right off our e-shelves!

  • Spectraflame® black (of course!) with red/orange stripes
  • Real Riders® wheels with red stripes
  • Black chassis
  • Black interior with red front seats
  • Light smoke windshield

The 2010 Ford Mustang is housed in a clear acrylic case and produced in quantities to be announced later.

Refunds only. No exchanges.