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If you think about Hot Wheels 24/7, here’s another number you’ll want to know: 412. That’s how many vehicles are waiting for you inside the 2012 Factory-Sealed Set! Here’s your chance to get all cars released in the 2012 basic car segments, plus recolors, all in their original packaging. But we’re not stopping there…we’re adding in the four special edition mail-in promotional cars from 2012, plus 10 special Redline cars! The entire set is packed with a checklist and factory-sealed, and then the whole shebang is wrapped in an official mainline poster. Production is limited to no more than 500 pieces and each set is numbered XXX/500. Here’s a detailed breakdown of exactly what to expect:

  • 412 cars, each factory-sealed in its original retail packaging
  • Includes cars from each of the 2012 mainline segments
    • All 50 of the 2012 New Models
    • 34 Recolors of the 2012 New Models
    • All 15 of the 2012 Treasure Hunts
    • All 15 of the 2012 Track Stars cars
    • 100 Series cars from the 2012 lines – 10 from each segment! Includes Heat Fleet, Muscle Mania (Mopar, Ford, GM), HW Main Street, HW Racing, All Stars, HW City Works, HW Performance, Faster Than Ever
    • 15 of the 2012 “Super” Series cars
    • 53 Recolors of Series vehicles
    • 29 Exclusive Recolors of Series vehicles
    • 45 Thrill Racers vehicles
    • 3 Recolors of Thrill Racers vehicles
    • 23 HW Video Game Heroes vehicles
    • 2 recolors of HW Video Game Heroes vehicles
  • 10 Walmart exclusives!
  • 4 Kmart exclusives!
  • 10 Special Redline cars!
  • All 4 Collector Edition mail-in promo cars!
  • Signed quality control certificate

Production set may vary from the photo shown. Mattel reserves the right to modify the color, decorations and wheel type.

No exchanges will be accepted on this item. Sealed boxes may be returned for a full refund, but any box that has been opened will not be accepted. Mattel reserves the rights to refuse to refund if we feel this item has been tampered with in any way.

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