8th Annual Hot Wheels® Collectors Nationals Whip Creamer™ Set



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Offered at the 2008 8th Annual Hot Wheels® Collectors Nationals in Chicago, this two-car set includes the Whip Creamer™ and the Whip Creamer II™. The castings are closely related -- literally. Designer Paul Tam created the original Whip Creamer™ in 1969 and his son, designer Alec Tam, gave us the Whip Creamer II™ in 2002. This 40th anniversary set commemorates the bonding experience that Hot Wheels® cars have given to fathers and sons since the brand's inception in 1968.

For the 8th Annual Nationals, Alec updated the deco on both cars with colors and designs to honor the relationship with his father and their Chinese heritage. The graphic on the hood of the Whip Creamer™ means "father" in Mandarin, while the graphic on the hood of the Whip Creamer II™ means "son." On the Whip Creamer™, Paul's name is on the driver's side and Alec's name is on the passenger side. The names are reversed on the Whip Creamer II™, putting Alec in the driver's seat. The color palettes are also flip-flopped on each car. The two models share similar features, such as a transparent roof and windows, slide-open cockpit, and turbine engine. Both cars ride on Neo-Classics™ Redlines® wheels.

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